A Coherent, Executable Plan to Achieve Unlimited Healthy Lifespan

A Coherent, Executable Plan to Achieve Unlimited Healthy Lifespan

The Longevity Biotech Fellowship is a group of scientists, entrepreneurs, funders, and institutional allies who cooperate to advance biotechnology to reverse aging and extend human healthspan. This group is sponsored by 100 Plus Capital.

Mark Hamalainen is cofounder of the Longevity Biotech Fellowship. His career has progressed from manual bench work in academia, to lab automation at Synthego, to longevity movement building – always seeking better methods and higher leverage ways to accelerate progress.

There is making people healthier with known things that will increase healthspan. This is things like good diet, exercise and creating ways to optimize this and make it easier for more people to follow. This and better drugs could achieve about 10-20 years of more overall life expectancy and it should be healthier years.

Mark also has targeted a comprehensive organ and cell replacement approach. This approach could be perfected with a $2.5 billion program. This would also involve gradual incremental brain replacement. This would need to be comprehensive organ replacement that is more effective than current organ replacement. The main plan is to follow Jean Hebert Lab to grow bodies without brains by using CRISPR to knockout neocortex development genes. This would be proven in monkeys and then used on humans. There would need to be successful brain transplant surgery and reconnection of nerves and spinal cord.

6-10 brain replacement surgeries over 20 years would enable full blain replacement. The brainless body would grow on life support until the skull was large enough for transplant.

It estimated that it will take about a $125 billion to master cryostasis (freezing) people to pause life.

Bioengineering is the biotech gene editing and epigenetic approaches. There is a more detailed (but not comprehensive) roadmap of biotech rejuvenation projects.

What Kai said. The goal is not reducing or delaying suffering a little bit. The goal is eliminating aging altogether. If you share that goal – please don’t let yourself get distracted from the hard research and technology development we need to do. https://t.co/j62GVI3Ydt

— Mark Hamalainen (@MarkHamalainen) November 18, 2023

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Join a community that refuses to go gently into the night – we 🧱 build, 💰 fund and 📢 advocate for tech to maximize healthy lifespan.

Apply now at https://t.co/IBRQskpRtJ pic.twitter.com/ucALq46YmJ

— Longevity Biotech Fellowship (@LBF_org) May 30, 2023

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