Association calls for revising ban on Sunday shopping

Association calls for revising ban on Sunday shopping

The UTIL trade and logistics association invited the government on Tuesday to reopen dialogue on Sunday work regulation so that it is regulated under the Labour Act by applying to all workers, not just those in retail.

“That would be just and enhance the conditions and quality of work in all activities working on Sundays,” UTIL said in a press release.

Three weeks have passed since the new Trade Act banned Sunday work and grave consequences are already apparent for both employers and workers, it added.

“Some retailers have big losses because the turnover has not spilled over to other days and the closure of some stores and job losses are a real danger,” UTIL said.

Care for workers in retail is one of UTIL’s priorities and it will support any initiative or law change in that direction, UTIL said, adding that it fully supported the latest amendments to the Trade Act which doubled the pay for work on Sundays and holidays.

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