Bigger and Better SpaceX Starship in a Few Months

Bigger and Better SpaceX Starship in a Few Months

The SpaceX Starship is the largest rocket that has been to space. The last test flight flew over the 60 mile altitude that defines being in space.

The SpaceX Starship will be upgraded. It will be bigger, better and more powerful.

The likely upgrades are they will be 10 meters longer. This will enable it to have more fuel and payload. The SpaceX Starship upper stage is 50 meters long. If this is made 20% longer then it would be 60 meters long.

Likely to be 10% to 20% longer in later versions

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) September 9, 2023

They will remove some unneeded parts and shift the position of the fins.

The steel will change form 3.97 millimeter thick to 3.6 millimeter thick.

SpaceX will use new Raptor engines.

Raptor 3 will have a higher Isp than the Raptor 2, generate 20% more thrust. It will be reliable enough not to require a heat shield. Eliminating engine shielding would significantly reduce mass.

Starship V2 may be increase the number to nine Raptor engines from six current engines.

My updated Starship IFT-2 web mini infographics. Parts 1 to 4, (tomorrow parts 5 to 8). They are basically broken-up versions of my main infographic poster which is also exclusively on X.

— Tony Bela – Infographic news (@InfographicTony) November 14, 2023

I mean, you really need to just download and scroll around this to really see how detailed this amazing #SpaceX infographic work is.

This is just one small slice of it. 🤯 Terrific! @InfographicTony! 😍

— Marcus House (@MarcusHouse) October 22, 2023

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