Conan O’Brien Kills Starfield’s Most Innocent NPC In New Clueless Gamer Clip

Conan O’Brien Kills Starfield’s Most Innocent NPC In New Clueless Gamer Clip

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It’s been a while since I’ve seen Conan O’Brien do a Clueless Gamer segment, but now he’s back to play Starfield, Bethesda’s new mega-game that has held onto a hefty playerbase for months after launch. Conan included, now.

While I’m guessing this is probably an Xbox partnership, the full segment, which isn’t out yet, is said to be sponsored by Samsung, re: the 8K TV he’s playing on.

But even just this 90 second clip of watch Conan play Starfield is probably one of the best things I’ve seen this week. Why? Because it’s Conan versus…Grandma.

If you’ve played Starfield, you may have had a chance encounter with Grandma, an old woman on a ship. She’s rather lonely, and will invite you on board for a nice meal and some conversation about her life, whether you’re a Vanguard space cop or Crimson Fleet pirate. She doesn’t discriminate.

Conan was…not interested in that. Immediately his first question is whether or not he can blow up Grandma, which, Starfield being the game it is, does in fact allow. Even in a game full of “rogue” choices and possible murders, killing Grandma is about the closest thing you can get to a war crime in Starfield, and even Conan with little context of the larger game, seems to know this pretty quickly.

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Conan and Aaron are dying laughing by the end of the Grandma dogfight, which to her credit, she does not take lying down and does in fact shoot back. I wouldn’t know this because no one ever tries to kill grandma, Conan!

I’m not sure when the full Clueless Gamer video drops. This was from two days ago and just says “soon.” Conan has done something like 50 of these, I believe, according to the Team Coco playlist, and they range from 7-12 minutes most of the time, so this 90 seconds is just a taste of the kind of mayhem that Conan is about to unleash in Starfield.

I will update this post with the full video when that’s released, or maybe I’ll just do an entirely new post as lord knows there will be enough new Conan antics to examine. I’ve missed these segment and I should probably go back through that playlist and find some of the ones I never got to. So yeah, look for the new, full video soon.

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