Draya Michele Clears Up ‘Misconceptions’ About Her Cosmetic Procedures (Exclusive Video)

Draya Michele Clears Up ‘Misconceptions’ About Her Cosmetic Procedures (Exclusive Video)

Draya Michele dropped by for the latest installment of Stepping Into The Shade Room, and she’s servin’ up some piping-hot tea for host Thembi.

From discussing how Basketball Wives LA fed into negative stereotypes to dishing on relationships and co-parenting, Draya certainly didn’t hold back. She also shared some exclusive insight about the cosmetic procedures that she’s undergone!

She Acknowledges Getting One Round Of “Illegal” Butt Shots

During the sit-down, Draya mentioned working out a “minimum [of] four times a week” on account of her “sh**ty” diet, and she also acknowledged, “Through my adulthood, I have made alterations to things.”

Upon Thembi asking her to elaborate, Draya shared, “There’s a lot of misconceptions about the work that I have had done.”

Draya then declared that she does not have a Brazilian butt lift, though she did get illegal butt shots a decade ago.

“I came out on a TV show in 2011. In 2013, 10 years ago, I got butt shots. One round, the most mildest thing you could get, because it was set up to get multiple [rounds of injections].”

Not stopping there, Draya pointed out, “The illegal kind. The ghetto kind.” After Thembi asked why Draya opted to go this route, she noted it wasn’t about money. Instead, the decision was more based on the person doing the procedure.

“It was just about who can do it and who had the track record of being able to do it. And I trusted the person who did it.”

She added, “I was very happy — the world is happy with the results! … But I’ve only touched my actual butt one time. And, no, it wasn’t ’cause I took fat from my stomach and put it into my butt.”

Additionally, Draya said she’s undergone two boob jobs, as her first set of implants were “way too big” and “10 years old” by the time she had them removed, got a breast lift, and opted for smaller implants.

She also acknowledged trying out liposuction and undergoing a reverse tummy tuck before noting that she hasn’t touched her face at all.

Does Future Have A Shot With Draya Michele?

Aside from putting her cosmetic procedures out on the table, Draya Michele also kept it real with what she looks for in a partner, noting that she loves a man whom she can “learn from.”

“As far as my type of man, I like a man who is educated in different areas than I am so that we can kind of bounce ideas off of each other. I love, love, love to learn from a man.”

Host Thembi also got Draya to play a game acknowledging whether she’d hypothetically date a few different high-rollin’ eligible bachelors.

Starting off with Michael B. Jordan, Draya said they’d “hypothetically get along so well” since they’re both Aquarians.

With Diddy and Drake, though, Draya said their platonic friendships run too deep for dating to work. She similarly shut down Nick Cannon, noting that — while “he’s nice” — she wouldn’t be able to date a man “with 27 kids.”

Segueing to Future, though, Draya appeared to be a bit more open to something non-serious.

“Future’s cool. He’s a cool guy. … If I was single, maybe I would let him take me on a date or something.”

Common didn’t elicit the same response, though, as Draya shut the idea down by calling him a “serial dater” before also giving Trey Songz a firm “no.”

Check out Draya’s Stepping Into The Shade Room episode below!

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