Google Pixel Tablet parts and repair guides now available from iFixit

Google Pixel Tablet parts and repair guides now available from iFixit

It’s now easier for Google Pixel Tablet owners to repair their own device, thanks to the partnership between Google and right-to-repair champions iFixit. As spotted by 9to5Google, genuine Pixel Tablet parts are now available to purchase on iFixit’s website, alongside user repair guides that walk you through how to install various components.

A rear case replacement is available for $199.99, which includes the Pixel Tablet’s volume controls, antennas, power button (including fingerprint unlock), and three microphones. There’s no option to select a color preference, however, so users may be limited to the off-white “porcelain” option displayed on the webpage. iFixit is also selling a replacement USB-C charging port for $24.99, a battery for $59.99, and a 10.9-inch LCD screen for $199.99 — which includes the device’s 8MP front-facing camera.

A picture of the Google Pixel Tablet alongside an iFixit repair kit.

iFixit also offers some components as a bundle alongside its own-branded repair tools, providing everything you need to fix the device.

Image: iFixit

There are also in-depth repair guides explaining how to install almost all of the components iFixit has to offer for the Google Pixel tablet, featuring step-by-step instructions and detailed images that should make it much easier (or at the very least, less intimidating) to fix your own device. Most of these feature additional iFixit-branded repair equipment like suction cup handles and an Anti-Clamp tool, which will need to be purchased separately (or bundled with the required parts) if you want to follow these guides word-for-word.

iFixit has provided genuine components and repair guides for various Pixel phone models since Google agreed to partner with the self-repair specialist back in 2022, from the Pixel 2 right through to the Pixel 7A. It’s nice to see the Pixel tablet joining them, giving consumers the freedom to fix their own devices without having to pay for a repair service.

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