He Hasn’t Spoken To Me Again Since I Pranked Him With Pregnancy

He Hasn’t Spoken To Me Again Since I Pranked Him With Pregnancy

It was just a harmless prank but with time, it’s proving to be the one thing that brought my relationship with him to its knees.

That evening, I was bored so when I logged into Facebook and found a pregnancy test kit in a group, I decided to have fun with it. The kit showed two red lines, meaning the person who used it was pregnant.

I sent the kit to my boyfriend and said, “It looks like we are in trouble. I’m pregnant.”

I didn’t do it to extort money from him or did it with the intent of causing him any pain. I just thought I would pull his leg a bit and then tell him it was a prank so we both laugh over it.

He was calm through it all so the whole thing lacked the fun element I hoped for. I was disappointed I didn’t get the panic reaction I expected so about 30 minutes of going back and forth, I told him it was just a prank.

He got angry. He asked why I could play with such a thing. When I realized he was angry, I apologized immediately. The next day, we talked about it and he pointed out how insensitive the prank was considering the timing. Life had been difficult for him and he was trying very hard to get up onto his feet again so I understood his concern. I apologized again.

I sent him a message that evening and he aired me. It’s been a month and I’ve still not heard from him. He’s ghosting me on all fronts and I don’t know what to do again. Tell me, after apologizing, what else could I have done? It hurts that he could ghost me over something like this when I didn’t even prolong it or extort any money from him.

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Men on this page, is this enough reason to ignore your woman for a month? You may be wondering why I haven’t reached out to him since he ignored my last message. Whenever we fight, he ghosts me until I decide to be the bigger person and reach out to him so I thought maybe just this once, I’d see where this ends.

Would I be wrong to assume this is the end of us even though he hasn’t said anything to me? Because what is the essence of love if it doesn’t forgive? I’ve apologized 3 times! Isn’t that enough to deserve forgiveness?


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