Motsepe forms transformation partnership with Boland Rugby

Motsepe forms transformation partnership with Boland Rugby

Boland Rugby have formed a transformation equity partnership with Stellenbosch Academy of Sport (SAS), a subsidiary of Remgro Limited, and a consortium comprising companies controlled by the Motsepe family.

South African billionaires Patrice Motsepe and Johann Rupert, majority shareholders of the Pretoria-based sports company Blue Bulls Company, recently acquired a controlling interest in the Boland Rugby Union.

This partnership is poised to redefine the future of rugby in the Boland region at amateur and professional levels, a talent-rich area with over 200 registered amateur rugby clubs, making it one of the largest rugby unions in South Africa.

The new partnership will have the Motsepe consortium and SAS own 74% of the Boland rugby professional arm with the Boland Rugby Union retaining 26%. The new partners will have a collaborative arrangement to cultivate a shared commitment to providing substantial resources and expertise to support the Boland Rugby Union’s growth and development initiatives.

 “The announcement symbolizes a powerful commitment to grassroots rugby development and the advancement of rugby in our region,” said Bennie van Rooi, president of Boland Rugby Union.

“Our partnership with the SAS and Motsepe Consortium aligns perfectly with our mission to empower local communities through sports and unearth the vast potential of our young athletes. This partnership will empower and enable us to provide world-class resources to our players, coaches, and management teams. The amazing sponsorship and investment from Sanlam, Vumatel, and Santam compounds this.”

 The Motsepe Consortium and SAS, two prominent names in the world of sports and business, emphasized their commitment to grassroots rugby development and the advancement of rugby in the Boland region. Boland has the most rugby-playing schools for any province in South Africa.

Their investment signifies a strong belief in the potential of young talent and the importance of empowering local communities through sport. This announcement also marks the significant move of the appointment of the new CEO of Boland Rugby, Quintin van Rooyen, following his serving for nearly two years as the CEO of Boland Rugby Union.

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