Omar: Dems Will Only Save McCarthy for ’50/50 Power-Sharing Agreement’

Omar: Dems Will Only Save McCarthy for ’50/50 Power-Sharing Agreement’

Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) said Friday on MSNBC’s “Alex Wagner Tonight” that Democrats would only agree to save Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) from a government shutdown and motion to vacate his speakership if they got a “50/50 power-sharing agreement.”

Omar said, “This is a tragic tale of a weak, pathetic man who, in order to achieve his wish of being speaker, had to make a deal with the devil. We are not interested in saving this man from himself and the devil that he made this deal with.”

She continued, “Talking to some of the Democrats that are thinking they might help save McCarthy from the disaster he has created for himself, many of them say not unless there is a 50/50 power-sharing agreement, where we get to chair 50% of the committees in the House, whether there is a shared agreement on at the kind of pieces of legislation we will pass, both on the Democratic side and the Republican side. They are not interested in saving a speaker who has made it his mission to take autonomy away from women by banning abortion. Who has started the effort to cut Social Security? Who is so pathetic that he’s willing to cut 80% from heat assistance to so many people who rely, especially Minnesotans, knowing that winter is coming.”

Omar added, “This is a man who really doesn’t care about his constituents. He doesn’t care about the American people. The only thing he cares about is satisfying Marjorie Taylor Greene and the crazies in his caucus and not about his constituents in the American people. I don’t think there is going to be a single Democrat, unless this man makes an agreement, that we know we can fulfill, to let us co-govern with him.”

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