The Forklift Driving World Championship Is a Surprisingly Exciting Event

The Forklift Driving World Championship Is a Surprisingly Exciting Event

By Spooky on December 4th, 2023 Category: Events

Every year, Germany hosts the Stapler Cup, a competitive event that sees hundreds of forklift drivers from around the world going head to head in a series of difficult challenges for the title of world’s best forklift operator.

Competitive forklift driving probably doesn’t sound like the most exciting competitive event in the world, but that’s probably because you’ve never heard of the Stapler Cup. This yearly event organized by Linde Materials and Handling (Linde MH) is not only regarded as the ultimate test for certified forklift operators but also as an entertaining event that draws tens of thousands of spectators. Thousands of forklift drivers attempt to qualify for the Stapler Cup in national events, so only the very best get to showcase their skills on the big stage in a series of tests aimed at pushing their talent, coordination, and reflexes to the limit.

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The Stapler Cup was the brainchild of Linde MH’s former marketing manager who envisioned a competition that would demonstrate the level of art, skill, and passion that goes into handling forklifts. He envisioned an exciting obstacle course full of clever challenges that participants needed to tackle in order to progress into the later stages. With the help of a particularly gifted Linde MH forklift driver named Peter Seufert, the manager created the first Stapler Cup obstacle course in 1992.

In the 10 years that he had been working at Linde MH, Steufert had become famous for his forklift driving prowess and the fun challenges he came up with to put his skills to the test. For example, using the prong to put eyelets of thin wire around a ballpoint pen refill. Steufert remained in charge of organizing the event and conceptualizing new challenges until last year when he finally retired.

The Bavarian town of Aschaffenburg is the home of the Stapler Cup. It is here that dozens of teams of forklift operators from across the world converge for their ultimate test. Up until 2007, the event was only reserved for German forklift masters, but from that year on, the organizers added a European team championship, which later became a global affair.

The forklift driving championship is designed like a televised sporting event in which competitors showcase their talents. Some of the challenges that need to be overcome include stacking crates to millimeter precision, transporting vessels full of liquid without any spillage, and maneuvering through incredibly tight courses, all while trying to obtain the best time possible. It’s a truly exhilarating spectacle to watch, even if you’re not a forklift-driving enthusiast.


“The Forklift Cup is an absolute recipe for success,” Emil Schneider, Forklift Cup tournament director, said. “In Germany, it has established itself as the most outstanding event in the sector. And the best drivers are being treated like stars in their hometowns.”

We could go on and on about what an exciting sporting event the Stapler Cup is, but the truth is that nothing will convince you more than seeing it for yourself. And luckily, there are plenty of impressive videos doing the rounds on the internet these days.

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