‘Triangle of Sadness’ Trailer Will Make You Wanna Eat the Rich (and Puke Them Out)

‘Triangle of Sadness’ Trailer Will Make You Wanna Eat the Rich (and Puke Them Out)

Skip the nachos at the theater if you go see Triangle of Sadness this fall. On Tuesday, Neon released the trailer for the Ruben Östlund-directed film, which had some Cannes viewers walking out of the theater after they watched the snobbiest of snobs doing the most human things: puking and pooping.

The trailer — which opens with twink models giving their best rich and poor brand impressions — gives just a taste (maybe we shouldn’t use that word) of the shenanigans to come on a luxury cruise, where the film is set. The film is a satirical take down on modern capitalism and the one percent.

“The success of a luxury cruise depends on you,” says a supervisor on the cruise as clips of Instagram-ready moments on the boat are shown. “I don’t want to hear anybody say ‘No.’ It’s always ‘Yes sir!’ and ‘Yes ma’am!’ “

Meanwhile, one worker nervously stutters before getting into a hot tub after a rich lady commands her to “enjoy the moment.”  The trailer takes a turn after a different wealthy woman asks the boat’s drunk captain (Woody Harrelson) to “clean the sails.” The boat begins to move way too much, causing cruisers to vomit, some to poop, and others to fall down stairs.

The trailer gives a look at the cruisers and the workers stranded on an island as one woman says, “This is really bad. Really, really bad.”

The film took home the Palme d’Or at Cannes earlier this year, making it the Force Majeur director  Östlund’s second movie to earn the title after The Square in 2017. It’s also the third-consecutive film produced by Neon to take home the award.

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