Updates to 2023 AMA Supercross Rules Posted

Updates to 2023 AMA Supercross Rules Posted

The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) recently posted new rule updates for the 2023 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship. There are several updates in the latest bulletin posting (including some nuances with the all-new SuperMotocross World Championship), but the most significant update is the rule about the 250SX division and its point-out system.

For 2023, the 250SX class will no longer see riders point out of the class unless they win a championship. While this new rule replaces the old rule (set in place in 2007) where a rider who earns at least 135 250SX points in a nine-race championship or 120 250SX Championship points in an eight-race season for four seasons of 250SX competition is then forced into the 450SX Class, this only applies to 2023 and beyond.

In addition, this only applies to riders who are currently in the 250SX Class, as riders who have already advanced to the premier class from the old pointing-out rules are grandfathered into the premier class. Think of riders like Joey Savatgy and Shane McElrath—they did not win 250SX titles, but they pointed out and had to move up. The new rule (under Section 5, 5.2 250SX East/West Championship Guidelines) states:

“2. A rider that wins a 250SX Championship will be eligible to participate in the 250SX class for a maximum of four years total.

a. If a rider wins the 250SX Championship in their fourth or more season, that rider will be eligible to compete in the 250SX class the following season only.

b. A rider must earn at least five points for it to count as a season.

3. A rider that wins a second 250SX Championship will be eligible to participate in the 250SX class for a maximum of three years total regardless of what year they won their second title. (i.e., if a rider wins their second Championship in their third year of 250SX competition, they will be ineligible for the 250SX class).” 

A few other things to note in the rule changes are:

  • Starting blocks are now legal in in any AMA Supercross and SMX surface. | Section 4, 4.23 Starting Procedures
  • For Triple Crown events only, riders may switch to their second bike following the sight lap, but the switch has to be done prior to the 30-second board being displayed. Think Pierce Brown situation from 2022 St. Louis Supercross Triple Crown in April when he had bike issues. | Section 4, 4.23 Starting Procedures
  • Updates to the logos on riders’ jerseys. | Section 1, 1.17 Rider Apparel *Also updated in Section 5.8
  • Updates to the AMA logos. | Section 1, 1.18 Display of the AMA Logo *Also updated in Section 5.9 b.
  • Updates to the front number plates. |Section 2, 2.3 Numbers and Number Plates *Also updated in Section 5.8
  • SMX points standings—and a championship—will count towards national numbers, single-digit career numbers, and two-digit career numbers. | Section 3, 3.3 National Numbers

Read the full updates at https://amasupercross.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/CB2023.02.SX-2023-AMA-Supercross-Rule-Updates.pdf.

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