What Reddit Thinks: NFL Playoff Predictions for the AFC and NFC Championships

What Reddit Thinks: NFL Playoff Predictions for the AFC and NFC Championships

The NFL fans over at Reddit have been having their say about the NFC Championship and AFC Championship this weekend. Fans were asked to predict whether they thought the Philadelphia Eagles would beat the San Francisco 49ers and if the Kansas City Chiefs would beat the Bengals. With over 3,000 votes cast on these and other questions, Reddit NFL fans have had their say, so let’s take a look at what they are predicting.

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Reddit Football Fans Have Their Say

As the NFL playoffs heat up, fans and experts alike are making their predictions for this weekend’s big games. But what do the fans on Reddit think? According to a recent poll, the Reddit community is giving a slight edge to the Philadelphia Eagles over the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship game.

With 3,400 votes cast, the Eagles have a narrow lead over the 49ers.In the AFC Championship game, the Reddit community is firmly behind the Bengals to defeat the Chiefs. With 3,300 votes cast, the Bengals have a clear lead over the reigning Super Bowl champions.

Reddit NFL fans finding it tough to separate the 49ers and Eagles
Bengals have almost double the votes of the Chiefs in AFC Championship clash

When it comes to scoring, the Bengals are also the favorites among Reddit users. Out of 3,000 votes, almost half predict the Bengals to be the highest scoring team this weekend. In the quarterback battle, Joe Burrow narrowly leads Patrick Mahomes in the race for the most passing yards, according to 3,000 votes.

In the NFC Championship game, the 49ers vs Eagles matchup is voted to be the closest game by a narrow margin. However, the 49ers have a slight edge over the Eagles in terms of rushing yards. It’s a close call between the Eagles and the Chiefs on which team will have the most penalties, according to the poll.

The Reddit community is known for its passion and knowledge of the game. As the NFL playoffs continue to unfold, fans will be watching closely to see if these predictions come true. With the Bengals and 49ers favored by the Reddit community, it’s sure to be an exciting weekend of football.

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